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Dell Laptop Battery PN-f62g0, 39dy5, rpjc3

Dell Laptop Battery
Voltage(V):    11.4V
Capacity:       3100mAh / 38Wh
Cell Type:      Li-Polymer

Laptop Plus Product Code: NLD6270

High Quality Replacement DELL Laptop Battery. View details and compatible models below.

Voltage(V):    11.4V
Capacity:       3100mAh / 38Wh
Colour:           Black
Dimension:     257*75.5*5.2mm
Net Weight:    299g
Cell Type:      Li-Polymer

Please Note: This product is currently out of stock, please enquire with us for availability before ordering.

For power guide please refer to Battery Tips.

Order your DELL laptop battery with confidence from Laptop Plus, Australia's most trusted online battery retailer. With superior quality products & after sales service, we are available to help you, should you need it.

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