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Blog posts of '2020' 'May'

Environmentally Friendly Packaging at Laptop Plus

At Laptop Plus we believe we all have a duty to look after the environment to the best of our ability. When it comes to the world of technology, things move fast. That means there’s always something new on the market to try out. Whilst we love this innovation, it often comes with a hefty price tag- lots of waste.


So, is it possible to live a modern life without leaving a massive, environmentally unfriendly footprint? We believe the answer is YES. Sadly, we can’t wave a magic wand and have this occur instantly. We might even have to give up some luxuries we have become accustom to in our modern lives, but this leaves an exciting space for further critical thinking and innovation. There are certainly steps we can take toward improving our impact and leaving a better planet for future generations to enjoy. Laptop Plus is focussing on reducing our waste in three main ways:


Sustainable technology

The first and most important step we think should be considered in the technological world is considering whether you really need to throw away a slightly older item, or if there are ways to make it ‘good as new’ again. We often meet people who assume they need to upgrade to a new laptop when their battery power starts to diminish. This simply isn’t the case. When you purchase a new battery and charging adapter from Laptop Plus it can give your device a complete revival which will see it last for a few more years.


Sustainable packaging

If you’ve ever bought a new piece of technology, you may have noticed the amount of packaging that comes along with it. Perhaps you’ve even asked yourself ‘is all this really necessary?’. Well, at Laptop Plus we believe the answer is, no. We have extensively researched the best way to provide reduced packaging with reduced plastic, whilst still delivering our premium products to you safely. Our new packaging is made entirely from cardboard, fully recyclable and folded in such a way to protect your delivery inside.


Compact design

We have also taken the time to reassess our products as a whole and consider where we can make positive changes. Our new square laptop adapter designs are the result of this. The smaller, more streamlined, square design means less need for manufacturing raw materials and less additional packaging. Also, something that isn’t often considered when purchasing any product is transportation emissions. Whilst these are certainly a large challenge in the industry, a lighter design leads to lessened transport emissions and therefore, overall a good reduction in environmental impact.


There’s no question that the way we live these days has an impact on the environment. But we hope to continue doing what we can to both support technological advancements and bring our customers the best quality products, as well as recognising the need to be environmentally responsible company.