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The Laptop Plus Adapter Difference – Why ours are Square

The Laptop Plus Adapter Difference – Why ours are Square

You may not have noticed before, but most laptop adapters in the market are rectangular in shape.  These adapters handle the flow of power from the outlet (the socket in your wall usually), through to your device, and are responsible for lowering the voltage from 220V AC, to 18.5 – 19 DC so that your laptop works properly and gets the power that it needs.


The Laptop Plus Adapter Difference

Many of our customers note that the replacement laptop chargers/adapters that we sell on Laptop Plus are different to their originals, in that ours are square in shape.


You might be wondering why this is the case?


The laptops of today have become an essential part of our daily lives, particularly with the move to flexible working arrangements, many workers embracing remote work, and those that prefer to work from a café than their office.  Just as other accessories in our lives have evolved to be more modern and aesthetically pleasing, like our smartphones and watches, so too have laptops.


We felt that it was time for ‘The Brick’ style of rectangular laptop adapter to evolve.


Not only was this a way for us to differentiate our products from the rest of the market, we also wanted to think differently about the product itself.

Square Laptop Adapter Charger

Our square laptop adapters are unique:

  • Much smaller in size, and we think better looking!
  • More portable, and therefore much easier for traveling with in your laptop bag
  • 2 AC connector options for your convenience
  • More environmentally friendly as they require less materials to make


The 2 AC Connectors

One of the unique features of our square laptop adapters is the 2 AC connector options.  The AC component is the bit that plugs directly into the power point / power outlet. 


We put this handy 2 connector feature in place so that our product could offer the benefit of being smaller to those that favoured portability, but also offering a longer cable for those who needed extra length to reach power outlets in their home or office.

Replacement Laptop Adapter Charger AC Connector

So, whether you are within 1.5m of your power outlet, or 2.7m from that power outlet, our square laptop adapters will work for you.


We stock replacement laptop power adapters for over 40,000 different laptop models, and you can find yours now through our helpful product search function.


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