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The Benefits of Standing Desks

The Benefits of Standing Desks

The Benefits of Standing Desks

While standing desks can be traced all the way back to the 1400s, they’ve really surged into popularity in recent years as light was shed on the negative impacts that sedentary and sitting jobs were having on the human body, and the working from home movement took hold during COVID.

While some people might still be juggling large books balanced on each other on top of an ironing board to get their laptop at a comfy height for working from home, it’s worth investing in a good quality laptop stand or standing desk for many reasons.


Types of Standing Desks

While standing desks all follow the same premise of letting you stand while you work, there are two key types on the market; fixed height and sit-stand.

The fixed height standing desks are exactly as described, a fixed height so they always stay at your standing height.  This may work for some people, but others may prefer to sit down for certain types of work, or after their feet get sore!

Sit-stand desks are adjustable, meaning that you can move the desk up or down according to how you’re feeling.  You can get manual sit-stand desks, or powered ones.

If you think you’d like to swap it up through your working day, going from sitting to standing, then an adjustable sit-stand desk is what you’re looking for.


working at a standing desk


Portable or Fixed Standing Desks

As standing desks have modernized, portable versions that can be placed atop your existing desk have become increasingly popular.  These portable standing desks can help to turn any area in your home into an ergonomic workspace. 

Your standing desk could be placed on your kitchen bench, dining table, or coffee table, allowing you to move your workspace and take in the best light of the day throughout your home. 


The benefits of standing up to work

It’s no secret that sitting and sedentary jobs are not great for our health.  Prolonged periods of sitting have been associated with muscle, tendon, and bone issues, not to mention fatigue.

Apple watch users will be among the first to tell you of the need to stand regularly.  Every 50 minutes or so, Apple watch wearers are prompted to stand up.  This is because remaining sedentary for extended periods of time isn’t great for your health.


standing desk laptop stand sore neck


By using a standing desk while you work, you can potentially:

  • Help your posture
  • Relieve back and neck pain
  • Ensure that your laptop and monitors are at a sufficient height to prevent ‘tech neck’
  • Help wrist position while typing and using your mouse
  • Improve circulation
  • Boost your mood and improve focus

And research conducted by the Texas A&M University has proven that call centre workers with stand-capable desks were up to 45% more productive than their seated counterparts!


Most Popular Standing Desk

At Laptop Plus one of our most popular products is our Laptop and Monitor Adjustable Height Desk Stand

standing desk from laptop plus

Our customers have enjoyed this standing desk because:

  • It’s big - This unit is nice and big so it will cover your entire desk or workbench, and allow you to use multiple monitors and/or a laptop.
  • It’s adjustable – You can go from sitting to standing, and you can use the gas spring to adjust the height to suit your eye level at either position.
  • Adjusting is easy – Most sit-stand desks in the market have only one gas strut which can make them heavy and awkward to lift up. But the Laptop Plus sit-stand desk has dual gas struts, so lifting is smooth and light – which is very important when you’ve got monitors and your laptop balancing on top!
  • It’s sturdy – No need to worry about a flimsy desk that might compact on itself without warning. Your monitors and laptop will be safe here!
  • It’s keyboard-friendly – There’s a quick release slot that allows you to easily pop out a keyboard tray, increasing your workspace.
  • It’s ultrathin – This standing desk folds down to just 12cm at the lowest setting, meaning that if you’re working from home and need to move your workstation off the dining table at the end of the day, you can easily slide this under the bed out of sight.


Our standing desk is currently on sale for $295, down from $595, you can order yours today:  https://laptopplus.com.au/laptop-and-monitor-adjustable-height-desk-stand-large


You can shop our full range of laptop monitor stands and standing desks here:  https://laptopplus.com.au/laptop-monitor-stands

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