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The Best Adapter For Your Apple Laptop

The Best Adapter For Your Apple Laptop

The Best Adapter For Your Apple Laptop


Laptop Plus sources laptop adapters, laptop chargers and power supplies

from high-quality manufacturers worldwide and stands by its products with a 30-day Money Back Guarantee and a comprehensive 12-Month Warranty. Our laptop chargers are selected and tested for the Australian market and have an Australian Approval Number. Our 3-step ac adaptor search wizard provides a user-friendly tool to help make finding your exact laptop charger as easy as possible. 


At Laptop Plus, we do our utmost to deliver your order within the promised timeframe and will keep you informed throughout the process, from the time you place your order for your new Ac Adapter, Laptop Charger or Power Supply to the time the products reach your designated address.


What You Need To Know About Apple Adapters


Laptop Plus is the leading supplier of replacement Apple Macbook chargers and power adapters for Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, iBook and Powerbook in Australia. Let’s explore the different charger types and which is suitable for your laptop. 


Early Apple adapters


If you purchased one of the early Apple Clamshell computers, you probably are familiar with the older versions of adapters. In the early days of Apple, they had a few different types of rectangular Apple adapters with round connectors - the only difference between them was their voltage and wattage. If you still have a functioning early-generation Apple laptop or Portable Macintosh Computer and you’re looking to source a new adapter for one of these computers, you may struggle. At Laptop Plus, we will do our best to help source one for you. Get in contact with our team today. 


MagSafe Adapters


MagSafe Adapters were revolutionary in laptop adapter design due to their magnetic tip, which easily hooked the adapter to the laptop. Most importantly, this design allowed the simple detachment of the adapter from the laptop to avoid any breakage of the tip or laptop damage. MagSafe Adapters have a removable plug, otherwise known as a duckhead, and comes with a cable that can replace the duckhead to provide the adapter cable extra length. 


MagSafe 1 Adapters


MagSafe 1 adapters come in three different wattages, including 45W (14.5V, 3.1A), 65W (16.5V, 3.65A), 85W (18.5V, 4.6A). When looking to replace your adapter, ensure the wattage is compatible with your laptop. The magnetic tips on MagSafe 1 adapters are shaped like the capital letter ‘F’ or ‘P’ - this is the easiest way to identify the types of MacBook chargers. 


MagSafe 2 Adapters


MagSafe 2 adapters look very similar to MagSafe 1 Apple adapters. The difference, however, is the shape of the magnetic tip. With MagSafe 2 adapters, the tip is slightly bigger and shaped like a capital letter ‘T’. Similarly, they come in three different wattages based on which model laptop - 45W (14.85V, 3.05A), 65W (16.5V, 3.65A) or 85W (20V, 4.25A). 


USB Type C Or USB-C Adapter?


Apple, along with other manufacturers, is using USB-C adapters or chargers. USB-C Chargers are the new generation of multipurpose USB ports and are multifunctional in their purpose as a charging, communication and display port. 

Looking at the connector or overall design, Apple USB-C is no different to other USB-C chargers. However, Apple chargers’ voltage and amps are different from other manufacturers, so it is advisable not to use other USB-C chargers on Apple laptops. 


The Apple USB-C comes in three different Wattages; 30W, which is suitable for iPhones and iPads, iPad Air, 10” and 12 iPad Pro; 61W, which is suitable for MacBook 12”, MacBook 13” and MacBook Air with Retina; 87W, which is suitable for MacBook Pro 12”, 13”, 15” and MacBook Pro Retina 12”, 13” and 15”.


Purchase Your Apple Laptop Adapter Now!


Apple adapters, including MagSafe 1, MagSafe 2 Apple adapters and the USB-C Chargers, are available to purchase on LaptopPlus with 24hour delivery within Australia.  Using our extensive IT experience, we design and manufacture our own laptop adapters. Laptop Plus adapters and chargers suit all laptop brands, including Apple. 

Watch our video to determine which Apple laptop adapter is right for you. [MOU1]