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Best Laptop Accessories for Travellers

Best Laptop Accessories for Travellers

Now that borders have re-opened and travel is back on the cards, millions of Australians are jumping on planes heading interstate and overseas.

Most people will take their laptop along with them, whether that’s so they can continue to run their businesses remotely, so they can write about their travels, keep in touch with family and friends, or maybe even just to watch movies.

If you’re travelling with your laptop, we have put together a list of your must-have laptop accessories.


Headphones & Earbuds

When travelling you might need to use your laptop at the airport, on the plane, or maybe by the pool, so you’ll want to have a good pair of headphones or earbuds handy.

If you prefer earmuffs that will cover your ear, our pick is the Milano Headphones ($89).  Their foldable design and detachable cable fit inside a neat linen bag, making them convenient to carry anywhere. 

best headphones for travelers

If you’d prefer something a little more portable and you don’t mind the in-ear feel of ear buds, then our V20 Bluetooth Earbuds might be what you’re looking for.  Super compact and lightweight, these are also waterproof and have 5-6 hours playtime.


Compact Keyboard

When travelling, laptop users often prefer small, external keyboard as this enables them to keep the necessary distance from their laptop and is better for their eyes.

Our Logitech MK240 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo is perfect for travellers.  It is compact, space-saving, and the keyboard is spill proof – a good feature in case you knock your drink over at the airport!


Reliable Laptop Charger

If you are about to go away for a period of time, the last thing you want is for your laptop charger to fail.  If your adapter has been dropped a few times and has seen better days, it may be prone to stop working – leaving you with a waning laptop battery while away from home.

We stock replacement laptop adapters and chargers that will suit over 40,000 different laptop models.  Our adapters are perfect for travel also thanks to their unique square design, making them more compact.

We also offer a series of laptop car chargers if you think you might need to be charging your laptop while driving between destinations.


A sturdy laptop bag

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, you want to make sure you have a sturdy laptop bag that will protect your precious laptop while in transit.  Moving through airports and their security checkpoints can be rough on a laptop, so you’ll want to invest in a bag that is light, easy to carry, and will protect your device.

One of our top picks for travellers is our 15.6” water resistant laptop bag ($69).  This rugged, scratch-resistant and water-resistant messenger laptop bag has a carry handle, and an adjustable shoulder strap so you can carry handsfree. 

There are multiple internal compartments, offering plenty of space for books, documents, your charger, and a mouse as well.



If you’re about to embark on some travel, we wish you (and your laptop!) a safe journey!

And remember, if you happen to find yourself interstate within Australia, and realise that you’ve either left your adapter at home or yours has died, if you order before 2.30pm AEST we offer next day delivery to most areas around the country.


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