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How To Change Your Laptop Battery
We’ve put together the following guide on how to replace your laptop battery in many of the popular versions of laptops currently on the market. Read on and learn just how easy it is!
How to Increase Your Laptop Battery Life in Emergency Situations
Simple tips to increase the running time of your laptop when in an emergency and without power or the ability to charge your laptop by disabling unnecessary or resource intensive functions and features.
The Best Way To Clean Your Laptop
Here are some simple easy steps to keep your laptop safe and clean, both inside and out!
6 Bad Habits of Laptop Users
We’ve all got bad habits. A Laptop Plus, we aren’t here to judge. But we are here to help. We aren’t trying to tell you how to live your life, but below are some really bad tech habits you need to break, before your laptop does!
Beware of cheap, low quality overseas laptop chargers and batteries
When purchasing replacement laptop chargers and batteries for your laptop online, we know, it can be a minefield. Unfortunately, many laptop batteries and laptop chargers found during online searches are advertised by less than legitimate overseas companies.
Why do you need an adjustable height desk stand?
Why do you need a Desktop Riser?
Sedantry behaviour can lead to a number of health problems. Back pain, cardiovascular disease, and increased risk of weight gain and obesity have all been linked to sitting too much at work. The Desktop Riser makes the transition from sitting to standing a breeze.
The Desktop Riser (also known as an adjustable height desk stand) can improve your work health by avoiding prolonged sitting. The Desktop Riser is adjustable, so that you can change the height of the desk and alternate between sitting and standing. The keyboard tray helps you keep an ergonomic working position and is not intrusive.
Easy set up, completely custom height:
It requires no installation due to its innovative design, and there are no pre-set heights which gives you complete control over your table height. 
Another feature is the level of customisation that the product combines. For example, you can detach the keyboard tray to make it easier to have your laptop on the top section. There is also a slot for being able to slide headphones and other cables through the desk so you can complete all the tasks you could on a traditional desk!
Easy to use, sturdy & durable:
This sturdy and durable product can hold up to 15kg with ease, and can also be adjusted with a single hand. 
Generally, it seems that standing desks appear to have a positive influence on overall well-being. In one 7-week study, participants using standing desks reported less stress and fatigue than those who remained seated the entire work day. 87% of those using these desks reported increased vigor and energy throughout the day.
Upon returning to their old desks, overall moods reverted to their original levels. These findings align with broader research on sitting and mental health, which links sedentary time with an increased risk of both depression and anxiety.


For full details, specifications and images - check out our Desktop Risers here!
How to Choose the Right MacBook Charger
Welcome back to Laptop Plus, episode number three. Today, we're going to be talking about Apple chargers and AC adapters. Generally, Apple uses a largely unique connector for their own chargers, and their adapters are also unique as well. But within that, there is a little bit of a confusion, because they have six different types. These six different types come in two different groups. MagSafe 1, and MagSafe 2. So if your laptop was purchased prior to mid-2012 in Australia, the chances are that's the MagSafe 1. But if it is purchased sort of towards the end of 2012 until now, it's either MagSafe 2, or USB-C. 
Now I'm gonna talk about what are the variation of each. But before that I want to show you what's it look like, each types. So this one is the older style, which is called a MagSafe 1. The orientation of the connector is like an L shape, if you look at it like that. That's the connector in relation to the cable. Or if you like, you can say it's look like a toothbrush. So, yep. This is the MagSafe 1.
MagSafe two is a T shape. As you can see, it looks like a T, and generally are slightly bigger than the MagSafe 1. If I hold it like that, you can see the difference, so you might be able to plug this one into your newer MagSafe, but it wouldn't plug in, it wouldn't work, and this one wouldn't fit in anyway.
So that's the difference between the two different AC adapters/Laptop chargers; MagSafe 1 and MagSafe 2.
Now, within these variations you have 45 watts, 60 watts, or 85 watts. At the back of your laptop in the center near the hinge, generally it displays a serial number, the model, and also what type of input you need. The input says the voltage and amps. If you times the two together, it gives you whether it's a 60 watt, or 45 watt, or 85 watt. So to purchase, you'd better look at the back of your laptop first, find the model number, type the model number on our website at the very top in the search bar, and as soon as you place, you click search, it will find it for you, and generally it's one of these three.
Thank you very much for watching.
Which Lenovo Laptop Charger Do You Need?
Welcome to Laptop Plus, episode number two. Today, we're going to talk about Lenovo, particularly Lenovo chargers and AC adapters. The terms refer to the AC adapter or charger depending on what you know about chargers and AC adapters. If you have purchased a Lenovo laptop in the past 3-4 years, you probably have noticed there are so many different series out there now. There's Lenovo Yoga, there's Lenovo X1, there's Carbon, there's Lenovo Ideapad and each of these series have their own specific charger or their specific charger connector. In order to make it easier for customers to find their charger on our website, we have decided to make this video to make it a little bit more clear on what they are and what the differences are. 
So if you have seen an old Lenovo charger, it looks like this. A brick, a round pin, and a AC adapter cable that connects the brick into the power point on the wall. This is the oldest style of the chargers. The new one look a little bit different. It's a rectangular yellow pin that connects to your laptop. Actually, if you have your Lenovo laptop, it might look like this. This is our own new design, it's actually been designed by us. It's rectangular, easier to carry around, easier to transport and doesn't have a cable that flops around on the floor and trip over it and all that and generally, makes it neater. But today, we're going to only talk about the tip. If you look at the tip, it's a rectangular pin with a tiny pin in the center.
When they released these ones, they called them the USB style which was alright until they released the new generation, which actually looks like a USB. These days in the market, this one is known as the rectangular yellow tip, this one is known as the USB style. And if you look closely, you see there is a shape of USB even with the connector pins and the corner's been cut off, so this is the USB style.
And also in the past six months or so, they have start releasing this USB-C series. USB-C type which these one's called, they have a connector like mobile phone connector. If you have a Samsung phone, they probably use this one. Apple is using them as well, so is HPs and Compaqs and soon to be, Asus and Toshiba. Everyone is start using these USB style. So based on the model of your laptop, you could need any of these chargers. When you look at our website, if you select the model, the series and the model of your laptop, the chances are we have worked out exactly what adapter you need.
Just bear in mind, if it doesn't look like your original adapter, that's because this is our own design and it may be a little bit different to the one that came with your laptop. Thank you very much, we'll talk again soon.
How Laptop Backpacks are changing the way we carry our laptops
The best thing about laptops is that you can take them wherever you go. You might be a student, a busy executive, or a writer that needs to be wherever the inspiration is... But you may have found that being portable does not necessarily equate to easy mobility. Laptop bags can be cumbersome, unattractive, and heavy!
New Range of Luxury Headphones in Stock!
We here at Laptop Plus have announced that we are now stocking a large range of luxury headphones for travel, gamers and everyday people who just like looking stylish while listening to their favourite tunes.