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What is an AC Adapter (Laptop Charger)?
You may have heard the term AC Adapter (Laptop Charger) mentioned before. In this article, we explain what an AC Adapter (Laptop Charger) is and how it works.
How to care for your Laptop Charger (AC Adapter)
Laptops are designed to be be portable, but with the average laptop battery only lasting around 3-6 hours before needing to be charged, it’s likely that you’ll be taking your AC adapter with you to give your battery a top up, even on short journeys. There are a number of ways you can maximise the life of your laptop AC adapter, read on to learn how!
External Battery Power for Your Laptop
We live in a fast paced world. That’s undeniable. It feels like we’re forever connected; which can be such a blessing, but also a great downfall.
How To Stay Safe Online, When Shopping Online
Did you know that in 2014, Australian’s spent $16 Billion dollars online? What you might also be interested to know, is that around 1% of those transactions were made on fraudulent or stolen credit cards! Here we outline 7 ways to stay safe when shopping online.
Adjustable, Ergonomic, Portable Laptop Stands and Why You Need One!
It doesn’t take a rocket scientist (or chiropractor) to work out that spending all day leaning over a portable computer on your lap or desk is ultimately bad for your posture. But there are more reasons than just good posture for you to make use of an ergonomic laptop stand.
Best Universal Travel Adapter
We now travel with more electronic devices than ever before, and with each exotic location having it's own uniquely shaped power point, you better hope you have the right travel adapter for your trip! Don't go an buy a different adapter for each location, all you need is the best Universal Travel Adapter!
How To Tell If It is Your Laptop Battery or Charger That Is Failing
There are multiple reasons why a laptop won’t to turn on, or comes on but turns off straight away. However if the problem is power related then there are two possibilities. It is either your laptop battery or your laptop charger (ac adapter).
How To Choose A Better Battery
Choosing a replacement battery online can be hard, we explain what you need to look out for and why the most expensive batteries can be just as bad as the cheapest!
How To Save Power with Your Laptop Battery
Arguably, the greatest benefit of owning a laptop is you can take it anywhere you wish. As long as the battery plugged into the laptop is capable of generating the necessary power, then laptop batteries should work without any problems.
Where to Recycle Batteries in Australia
Where is the best place to dispose of or recycle batteries around Australia? We provide details on how to find your closest battery disposal / recycling facility or program.